Shoe Sets

June 2004

Step In Time – Positively Blue

Step In Time – Juicy Red

Step in Time – Purely Natural

February 2005

Step in Time 2 – Monochrome Magic

Step in Time 2 – Vivid Value

Step in Time 2 – Basically Beige

July 2007

Foot Fab – Jazzy

Foot Fab – Groovy

Foot Fab – Snazzy

September 2008

Knees and Toes – Shine

Knees and Toes – Serene

Knees and Toes – Sweet

December 2010

Cruise Night

Cruise Day

4 Comments Add yours

  1. jennatomic says:

    I want all the shoes!!

    1. Katie says:

      Guh me too! I really want the pink boots from the Cruise Day set.

      1. HappyCats218 says:

        They ARE awesome….but EXPENSIVE! One cool thing: the bow can be worn on the instep, or the outside of the boots. I love the pink camo sneakers that come in the Foot Fab Snazzy pack!

  2. HappyCats218 says:

    I have been referencing back to this page for YEARS! Awesome site!
    Great to have a place to reference the dolls AND fashion sets!

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