My Favourite Stock Blythe Doll: Punkaholic People

Blythe collectors from all over the world discuss their favourite stock dolls. We aim to help Blythe newbies decide which doll to buy.

Whenever I think about which doll I’d recommend to someone new to the Blythe hobby, I always come back to the same girl: Punkaholic People. Here’s why.

Great hair! A crackling black bob that sits perfectly and my Hallie didn’t need any work out of the box, which is rare these days. The short cut with bangs makes this the perfect doll to take out and photograph without fussing over long strands ruining the shot or a sidepart obscuring one eye. It’ll smooth down easily even when she’s been travelling in your bag.


Great face! She’s an RBL but she’s individual enough to stand out from the crowd. Grey eye shadow and subtle lip and cheek colours let her clothes and hair do the talking. She has stock chips, but she’s your blank canvas and you can change her up. I have sand-matted my Hallie and changed her chips to four different kinds of grey/silver which has just truly captured who she is to me. The third ear piercing and red nail polish take her look up a level.

Great stock! I love the punk theme they’ve gone with. How cool are her pants, styled on Vivienne Westwood punk bondage pants, with the legs attached together with straps. Quite high fashion for a Blythe! Don’t worry, her white shirt and tie and very short tartan skirt are versatile pieces that you can mix and match.

Great attitude! This girl ROCKS.  Any doll released with a guitar has gotta rock! She exudes confidence and a self-assured cool. But Punkaholic People is also a chameleon; she can take on whatever persona you want. I’ve seen her dressed in pastels and pearls, or geek chic in glasses and a sweater, and she looks as equally at home as she does in combat boots and black. I think that’s why I love her, in all her incarnations.

Punkaholic People is no longer available from any stores but you can search for her on eBay or one of the many doll forums and expect to pay between $150-$200 (plus postage) for her with her stock outfit.

Miniature Life

3 Comments Add yours

  1. jny_jeanpretty says:

    Loved this! I never got her–thanks a lot–now I WANT HER!!!

    xox jean jny_jeanpretty

    1. 222am says:

      Thanks for your comment, I think a lot of people will be clicking over to eBay to look for this pretty doll now! I agree with Miniature Life’s comments on her hair. So so much easier to deal with when taking photos in public/on travel when they have short hair with bangs.

  2. I totally agree about her awesome hair! I sold my first PP but missed her so much I ended up eventually getting another and ding some slight customization like you !

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