Dark Rabbit Hole – Review

Dark Rabbit Hole is Cross World Connection’s take on Alice in Wonderland with a dark theme. I purchased this doll based on the drawing alone. After selling my Kiss Me True I missed having a silver haired doll.


“Gather your courage and walk through this cavern, a whole world of adventure and miracles are waiting for you!
There will be many stories filled with mystery and fun to tell afterwards!”

With a cool toned palette of grey eye shadow and very blushy pink cheeks she stands out as a perfect winter release. Her pink lipstick is similar in colour to a lipstick I use called “peony”. Soft natural pink.

She has two special eye colours, front facing pale blue and right facing dark olive green. She’s left with stock orange and pink chips. The orange ones look awful with her cool tones.

The biggest issue I have with this doll is her hair. The hair was stringy and knotty straight out of the box with that typical “greasy” feel. I washed and treated her hair and put it in foam rollers to tame the ends. Her bangs are thin and start in the centre. Not great for a doll straight out of a box that cost several hundred dollars, but most Blythe collectors are aware of these quality issues.


The stock clothing incorporates the Alice in Wonderland style dress that we all recognise with elements of the Queen of Hearts. The clothing is detailed and finely made with many miniature tucks and frills. Her dark red dress with a high neckline and gathered sleeves is easy to put on and closes at the back with Velcro. This dress along with the bow headband are treasured items in my stock clothing collection. They look great on many other dolls, especially dolls with dark hair. Stock Takara headbands are very useful to have as they fit perfectly.

In terms of versatility the clothing can be mixed with a variety of other clothes to create cute outfits. The apron is printed in what feels like digital transfer so it has a plastic feel. The socks are quite difficult to pull up as they are long and tight, made from stretchy lycra material. I found that the toes were still quite bunched making the shoe difficult to fit over the sock.

The heart shaped gold earrings and tiny key necklace add a touch of elegance to her overall look. As a collector of Takara stock shoes, I am in love with her tiny red mary janes. They feature a miniature gold heart to tie in with her jewellery. This is my favourite shoe mould so I have collected every version of it.

They didn’t skimp on her underwear as we have seen with other releases (Orange and Spice anyone?) giving her knee length, lace trimmed pantaloons.

She comes with a standard black stand; however there is a cardboard piece with matching spades, clubs and hearts on it that can be placed over the top. This looks cheap; they should have printed it on the actual stand.

I ordered my doll as a pre-order from Magma Heritage and had no issues with their service or shipping.

Release info

Release Date: November, 2015
Price: ¥18,500

Facetype: Radiance+
Skin type: Natural
Make up: Eyeshadow- Blue gray / Lips- Clear pink/ Cheeks- pink
Eye color: Blue (front, special color), green (right, special color), pink (front), Orange (left)
Hair color: Silver
Earrings: heart shaped (gold)
Set: Doll, dress, apron, hair band, earrings, drawers, socks, shoes, stand


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