Red Delicious Stock Shoot

As my state goes into a full lockdown I have decided to shoot all of my dolls in their original outfits. Here is the first instalment of my series. Red Delicious, and isn’t she just lush!

Call for images of Blythe – we need your help!

It has been a long time since I have shared anything on Blythopia. There have been several projects running in the background to update and upgrade this site but none have reached fruition. The biggest issue with this site is obtaining high quality images of the early releases. I am putting out a call for…

Cool Pool Lemonade – first tanned middie Blythe

On a hot day like this, nothing beats a tall glass of lemonade filled with crushed ice. Add a little passion fruit and mango and you have something special! I just want to be sitting in the shade, drinking juice all day. What a life!

Blythe related words in Japanese – ブライス

I find it useful when searching to use the Japanese characters for Blythe dolls. Here are some I have found. They may be spelt incorrectly but without the boxes I cannot check. General Blythe Terms Blythe – ブライス Neo – ネオ Takara – タカラ Petite – プチ Damaged box unopened – /未開封 箱いたみ Search –…

Behind the Doll: Doronjo x Blythe

With her long, golden blonde hair and sparkling pink eye chips – not to mention her elaborate stock outfit – Doronjo x Blythe is certainly one of the most striking Neo Blythe releases ever. And it doesn’t hurt that she’s gorgeous beyond belief. Released in early 2009 as a limited edition of 3000 dolls, her…