Juno Estella 21st anniversary doll shoot


Juno Estella is the 21st anniversary Blythe doll, released in October 2022. This is the first doll I have bought that has been made by the new manufacturer, Good Smile Company.

My first impressions:

The hair has not improved in the way I had hoped. Still arrives a bit greasy and matted. Not as bad as my Tsumori Spirit but enough to need a spa day to fix it up.

The face is cute and a little pointier.

The eye mechanism isn’t easy to hand roll to raise the gaze.

The body is flimsy and bendy, it feels like the body I have on a fake Blythe doll. Putting on boots was difficult as is holding the doll by the legs for a photo.

I am considering changing the lip colour to something lighter.

Her hair has a green/teal tinge to it. It was hard to tell in the photos whether it was green or not.

The fingernails are painted, which is very cute!

She came in a pink stock dress. I found it easy to put the earrings in and put the belt on but had to add a few links to the necklace to be able to do it up. My hands may be too big for this hobby. The crown is a basic flower crown and will be useful for many other looks as I love gold. The 2nd outfit came folded in bags and due to the gold paint, it was a little sticky. I had to flatten the items under some heavy books before they could be used.

The shoes are adorable but don’t fit when the tights are on. One of my favourite shoe shapes in gold. Dreamy. I am not unhappy or happy. I don’t love this doll but maybe after a few more shoots, I will have more of a vision for her.

Lots of people that received her this week are super happy.


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  1. conniebmartin@aol.com says:

    Hi Katie, Great critique.  I’ve been holding off due to the price. Thanks, Connie

    1. Katie says:

      Ha yes I had no intention of buying this doll but her intergalactic theme had me hooked, then I won the lottery and had to 😀

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