List of known faked Blythe dolls

Here is a list of Blythe dolls that have been faked at varying levels of detail at June 2015.

  • Simply Mango (in fake box)
  • Simply Guava (in fake box)
  • Urban Cowgirl (in fake box)
  • Last Kiss (in fake box)
  • Ten Happy Memories
  • Margo Unique Girl
  • Miss Sally Rice
  • Ultimate Tour
  • Penny Precious
  • Monique Magnifique
  • Ahcahcum Zukin
  • Alexis Emerald
  • Curly Blue Babe
  • Marrakech Melange
  • Gentle River

There are many Flickr groups with pictures of fake dolls for comparison. Here are some:

Looks like they’ve moved onto the highly sought after translucent dolls now. Some of these dolls have been convincingly faked (you couldn’t tell from the listing and they came with the stock box and outfits). Others are sold as nude Blythe dolls that look off and are obviously not real releases like the ones pictured below.

Fake Blythe Dolls on Ebay

Curly Blue Babe fake


Gentle River

$_12 (3)

Marrakech/Hatsune Miku

$_12 (1)

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