Avoiding factory and fake Blythe dolls on eBay

There are many fake and factory (comprised of mismatched stolen parts) Blythe dolls sold on eBay. As a newbie it can be hard to tell which dolls are fake and which dolls are real. We’ll start with some obvious fake and factory listing examples to help you discern whether a doll you are bidding on is an official release.

  • Fake Blythe dolls – made entirely of non-official parts from a counterfeiting mold
  • Factory Blythe dolls – made using official parts most likely stolen from the factory/usually a mismatch of releases

Look out for any listing the says factory, TBL or nude Blythe with no actual release name. Examples of listing titles:

  • “Takara 12″ Neo Blythe Doll Long Hair Perfect Nude Doll From Factory”
  • “Nude Factory Blythe doll – Magenta hair”
  • “12 inch nude Takara Blythe rare real 1pc”
  • “Nude Factory Blythe doll – Dark Pink hair with fringe / bangs”

These ones are super obvious fakes or factory dolls (made from parts stolen from the factory). Check what other items the seller has for sale before you buy.

Factory Blythe Dolls for Sale

Prima Dolly Paris on eBay
Prima Dolly Paris on eBay

This seller appears to be selling a few official releases like this PD Paris and then a bunch of factory dolls. I would also probably not buy it just because the seller is selling factory dolls and is most likely a thief. They are also in poor condition, look at the hair! Very matted. Wouldn’t trust this person to package them well for postage either.

A bunch of random dodgy dolls from eBay for your reference. Factory and fake dolls. fake   fake343


$_12 $_12 (3) $_12 (1)

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  1. Tufty Budknacker says:

    Because a seller on ebay is selling ‘factory’ blythes you presume they are a thief? Well, your obvious lack of world experience and snobbishness tells me you must be some useless fucking rich twat. People who think they’re better than someone else by virtue of simply collecting something someone else can’t afford are as useful to humanity as tampons are to ass holes. Here’s the thing, original Blythe dolls generally lack dynamic – fact. The so called punk doll featured on this site is a pile of shite that falls so short of being punk it’s a disgrace. I would know having spent half my life listening to punk music – that doll is a fucking joke. The only truly interesting Blythe dolls I’ve seen are the one that are customized, a process that often involves the dismantling of the doll and replacement of original parts anyway. Enjoy your boring shite originals, but anyone with any taste won’t differentiate. Placing value on the doll simply because of branding is a true mark of a sad victim of consumer marketing. I would know having studied product design for 5 years now at university. Poor you.

    1. Laura says:

      Tufty: So if you sell dolls that you made at an art show and I steal some of them from your house and sell them for cheaper at art shows, it’s ok because I think your designs are shitty

    2. Katie says:

      Yes Jeremy, I can only imagine how pleased you would be if one of your designs was ripped off and sold in China. Either way, not wanting to pay the cost of an original release but receive an inferior fake is not consumer marketing victimisation, it is being aware of what you are purchasing. Many newbies bought fakes and were really upset when they arrived and were not what they expected. If you want to buy fakes then they should be clearly marked as such, and these days many of them are out in the open. When I wrote this article a lot of them were being sold in original looking boxes, for the same price as an original, exact copies. This site focuses on the dolls in their stock condition, I’d much rather people create customs using fakes instead of ruining (many of them in my opinion are ruined) real ones. Making a fake name to come on here and insult what has been years of work shows what a twat you are.

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