Winterish Allure – Review

Winterish Allure is a Russian themed doll, released, unsurprisingly, in winter. I wasn’t sure about adding another blonde to my collection but I’m very glad I bought WA as she is a treasure among my Blythes.


Her cosy, bright stock and vibrant face-up make her a welcome splash of colour in winter; her blushy cheeks and red-pink lips are balanced by her cool blonde hair and olive eyeshadow.

She has two sets of special chips: front facing dark blue and left facing grey. The remaining are stock pink and green. I think the grey compliments her colouring the best.

Her hair was great after just a brushing – it’s a little greasy but it’s not unbearable. The soft waves give it a lovely, natural bounce.

Overall, she’s a very striking doll who looks just as good in bright colours as she does in more subdued tones.


Her stock is based on traditional Russian attire and consists of a dress, vest, a ‘Babushka’ or headscarf, tights and shoes. The dress is made of contrasting fabric to look like a top and skirt – the top is red and white striped, with two beads as buttons, while the skirt is navy blue with patterns reminiscent of Russian folk art. It’s made from a cotton blend fabric and does up the back with velcro.

Her tights are very thick and ribbed – they are much nicer quality than some Takara tights that I have, particularly the ones which came with Curly Blue Babe. However, because they are red, they will likely stain if left on the doll too long.

The shoes are among my favourite design of Takara stock shoes and I now have two pairs between Winterish Allure and Sally Salmagundi. They have a very Victorian look to me but go well with modern outfits, too. They’re not as versatile as Mary Janes but they’re a great addition to my shoe collection.

The headscarf and vest round out the stock perfectly; the bright yellow of the vest and rich burgundy of the scarf complete the colourful pallette. They could likely be great accessories to other outfits, but I’ve yet to try this.

Aside from the insubstantial underwear, the only issue with her stock is that the thickness of the vest made it a little difficult to get her into her stand.

I pre-ordered mine from CC Toys and, while there were no issues, new buyers should know they often don’t send out tracking number updates anymore, or let you know when they’ve shipped. But they always ship on the release date.

Release Info

Release date: December, 2015

Price: ¥18,500

Face Type: Radiance+
Skin Type: Natural
Make Up: eyeshadow: olive green, lip: reddish pink, cheek: reddish pink
Eye Color: Pink (right), green (front), light grey (left, special color),
dark blue (front, special color)
Hair Color: Ash brown
Ear Ring: n/a
Manicure: n/a
Set Includes: Doll, stand, dress, top, tights, babushka, shorts, shoes



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