Middie Blythe – Good things come in small packages

The Middie Blythe doll entered the market in 2010. Marketed as Blythe’s little sister, the first release was Macaron Q-Tea Party a CWC Exclusive.  Since then the Blythe community has slowly welcomed Middie into their homes. One reason I was hesitant to collect Middie dolls was that I already had a huge Neo Blythe doll wardrobe and didn’t want to buy a doll that couldn’t wear them. Seeing them displayed alongside the Neo dolls in my cabinet has made me want more though. With this comes the need to buy a whole new wardrobe. Visit the Blythelife.com Beginners guide to Middie Blythe for more info regarding their size and eye mechanism.

size compareThere are a few other dolls whose clothing comes close to fitting Middie Blythe, these include:

  • Barbie’s sister Kelly shoes
  • Odeco-chan and Nikki (clothing, shoes are too big)
  • Some Wanda Frog
  • Ruruko

Not being as popular as her big sister, there are still Middie Blythe dolls available for purchase at Junie Moon. A Facebook group dedicated to Middie Blythe sales has popped up as well as a Middie Blythe lovers group. This is a great place to shop or check out the fashions other people are dressing their dolls in.

Sellers on etsy have jumped onto the Middie bandwagon and we are starting to see loads of options become available. Some of my favourite items:

You can often buy Middie sized items on the Junie Moon website. There are also Odeko and Nikki sized items on the PetWORKs website (the shoes don’t fit).

If you are keen to sew your own dresses, there are patterns in several of the Dolly Dolly Recipe books, though they can be difficult to get a hold of outside of Japan.


Middie Blythe is easier to fit in your handbag for a quick snap here and there, has a child like cute face and customisation options. I think she is here to stay and look forward to more releases.

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  1. Alexis says:

    The smallest Blythe of the group is so precious! I’m dying over here 🙂



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