2016 Blythe Conventions Around the World

Blythe conventions are organised and run by volunteers all over the world every year. Generally the event consists of a meet up with fellow Blythe collectors, lunch, vendor stalls, guest speakers,  demonstrations and classes, giveaways and competitions. The money made from ticket sales goes directly to securing and paying for a venue. Prizes and giveaways are donated by people in the Blythe community. Raffles are also used to raise funds for the event and give away big ticket items to a lucky winners at random.

Organisers put in hundreds of hours of volunteer work to create an amazing day for everyone. This includes planning, booking a venue, ticket sales, fundraising, seeking donations, decorations, goodie bags, running competitions, printing, graphic design, updating the website, responding to attendee emails etc. It is a lot of work to run one of these conventions and no one is getting paid to do it. If you are going to one of the events with the expectation that you will come away with loads of free goodies and prizes then you may be disappointed.

The best chance you have to win some of the top prizes is by entering the competitions and raffles, however the day should be more about celebrating Blythe than getting free stuff. BlytheCon is a fantastic opportunity to meet like minded people, check out dolls you don’t own and purchase doll items from vendors that fly in from all around the world.

Blythe Conventions around the world for 2016


Blythecon Japan – Tokyo – 25 June 2016

BlytheCon Japan will be held in Tokyo this year. Tickets go on sale on 10 January 2016 and can be purchased on the BlytheCon Japan ticket page.  Vendors for the event have been announced.

Ticket cost : ¥6,000 JPY including a goodie bag, lunch, water, a raffle ticket.


BlytheCon US – San Francisco – 24 July 2016

BlytheCon US will be held in San Francisco at the Jewish Community Centre this year (though there may be others). The theme is Circus by the Bay. Get tickets to BlytheCon San Francisco.

Ticket cost: $80 USD with Goodie bag. Lunch & Beverage provided.


Blythefest AU – Sydney – 27 August 2016

Blythefest Austalia will be held in Sydney this year at the Balgowlah RSL. Tickets can now be purchased through the Facebook page.

General Admission Ticket: $60.00 AUD
General Admission Ticket with ½ Trade Table: $80.00 AUD 1 vendor
General Admission Ticket with Full Trade Table: $100.00 AUD 1 vendor

All tickets will include entry into the event, a welcome bag, raffles, competitions and finger food.


BlytheCon EU – Hamburg – 3 September 2016

BlytheCon EU will be held in Hamburg, Germany this year at the Elbarkaden Lounge. Tickets are not on sale yet but will be announced on their website and facebook.


BlytheCon UK – Edinburgh – 1 October 2016

BlytheCon UK will be held in Edinburgh, Scotland this year at Teviot Row House in Old Town. Tickets have not yet been announced but keep an eye on the BlytheCon UK facebook.

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14 Years of Blythe – the Anniversary Dolls

With the release of Dauphine Dream,the 14th anniversary doll, it is a great time to look back at the anniversary dolls to date. From the very first anniversary girl in 2002, these annual releases have been exceptional and have become highly sought after. Some of the releases came with 4-5 different outfits, special cases/boxes and loads of accessories.

It’s easy to see why Princess A La Mode with her huge box and decadent styling is a favourite amongst collectors. Darling Diva’s stock alone is worth more than some dolls with three different stage outfits and those damn cute cowboy boots. Art Attack came with four different groovy outfits and accessories such as matching sunglasses and hats. Cinema Princess came in a case fit for a royal and even has her own special chair.  Courtney TEZ, being the odd one out, did not come with a gown fit for royalty or huge set of outfits. She did however come with some very unique accessories such as a mini Nike shoe box and matching sporty outfits.

These beautiful photos taken by Emmie Ame showcase the anniversary girls in parts of their stock outfits. I’ve included images of their stock outfits too. I’ve included photos of their stock too by various photographers.

  • June 2002 – Miss Anniversary (MISS A) – BL 623 dolls
  • July 2003 – Courtney TEZ by Nike (NIKE) – EBL 2003 dolls
  • July 2004 – Art Attack (AA) – SBL 2004 dolls
  • September 2005 – Cinema Princess (CP)  – SBL 2005 dolls
  • September 2006 – Darling Diva (DD) – RBL 2006 dolls
  • August 2007 – Princess A La Mode (PAM) – RBL 2007 dolls
  • July 2008 – Denizens of the Lake “Christina the Bride” (CTB) – SBL 1004 dolls
  • July 2008 – Denizens of the Lake “Eleanor Forest Dancer” (EFD) – RBL 1004 dolls
  • July 2009 – Fashion Obsession Jenna (FOJ) – RBL 2009 dolls
  • September 2010 – Marabelle Melody (MaMe) – RBL 2010 dolls
  • June 2011 – Ten Happy Memories (THM) – RBL 2011 dolls
  • September 2012 – Red Delicious (RD) RBL 2012 dolls
  • September 2013 – Allie Gabrielle (AG) 2013 dolls
  • June 2015 – Regina Erwen (RE) 2500 dolls

If I’ve used one of your images and you want me to take it down, let me know. I have tried to seek permission where possible.


How to buy a Blythe doll

So you want to buy a Blythe doll? Congratulations for joining this excellent hobby. This post is regularly updated and was last updated in September 2013.

Buying your first Blythe doll can be an exciting, yet daunting experience. When I bought my first Blythe doll, I had watched eBay auctions for months before I actually placed a bid. I got outbid so many times before I actually won an auction. The idea that I was spending over $100 on a doll seemed insane to me. Now I laugh at my frugal past self, having spent several hundred or even thousand dollars on dolls. A Blythe habit is a slippery slope into a spending cycle I can tell you that. I receive quite a lot of emails from Blythe newbies that are curious where and how they can buy their first dolls. Here are my tips for newbies.

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Punkaholic People Blythe

My Favourite Stock Blythe Doll: Punkaholic People

Blythe collectors from all over the world discuss their favourite stock dolls. We aim to help Blythe newbies decide which doll to buy.

Whenever I think about which doll I’d recommend to someone new to the Blythe hobby, I always come back to the same girl: Punkaholic People. Here’s why.

Great hair! A crackling black bob that sits perfectly and my Hallie didn’t need any work out of the box, which is rare these days. The short cut with bangs makes this the perfect doll to take out and photograph without fussing over long strands ruining the shot or a sidepart obscuring one eye. It’ll smooth down easily even when she’s been travelling in your bag.

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