Cool Pool Lemonade – first tanned middie Blythe

On a hot day like this, nothing beats a tall glass of lemonade filled with crushed ice. Add a little passion fruit and mango and you have something special! I just want to be sitting in the shade, drinking juice all day. What a life!

Avoiding factory and fake Blythe dolls on eBay

There are many fake and factory (comprised of mismatched stolen parts) Blythe dolls sold on eBay. As a newbie it can be hard to tell which dolls are fake and which dolls are real. We’ll start with some obvious fake and factory listing examples to help you discern whether a doll you are bidding on…

Blythe related words in Japanese – ブライス

I find it useful when searching to use the Japanese characters for Blythe dolls. Here are some I have found. They may be spelt incorrectly but without the boxes I cannot check. General Blythe Terms Blythe – ブライス Neo – ネオ Takara – タカラ Petite – プチ Damaged box unopened – /未開封 箱いたみ Search –…

My Favourite Stock Blythe Doll: Punkaholic People

Blythe collectors from all over the world discuss their favourite stock dolls. We aim to help Blythe newbies decide which doll to buy. Whenever I think about which doll I’d recommend to someone new to the Blythe hobby, I always come back to the same girl: Punkaholic People. Here’s why. Great hair! A crackling black bob…

Everything You Ever Needed to Know About Mohair

I first got in contact with Sue Coyle of on Google+ of all places. We got chatting and I discovered that Sue was well acquainted with Blythe dolls and their needs when it comes to mohair for re-roots.  Describing herself as “just a country girl”, Sue first got into mohair when she was restoring…

Behind the Doll: Doronjo x Blythe

With her long, golden blonde hair and sparkling pink eye chips – not to mention her elaborate stock outfit – Doronjo x Blythe is certainly one of the most striking Neo Blythe releases ever. And it doesn’t hurt that she’s gorgeous beyond belief. Released in early 2009 as a limited edition of 3000 dolls, her…

In Praise of SBL – Alain l’étranger

Ask any group of Blythe collectors what their least favorite face mold is and you’ll get an almost unanimous answer: SBL. They look too mature compared to the child-like BLs and EBLs, they’ll say. The eye holes are too small and their knowing smirks look like the Joker’s devilish grin. And opening an SBL usually…

Do you speak Blythe?

New to the world of Blythe?  Confused by some of the language and abbreviations?  Fanny over at one of my favourite Blythe Blogs “Mademoiselle Blythe”  has written an awesome post titled “Do you Speak Blythe“?

Parco Limited (Parco)

Release #/Mold: BL-0 Release date: June 2001 Price: ¥10,290 Release type: CWC Limited Edition, 1000 dolls Notes: Super-shiny face, boggled eyes, bendable arms and legs (Licca body) Stock: dress, belt, stockings, boots, purse, cellphone, stars, collection card

Mondrian (YSL)

Release#/Mold: BL-1 Price: ¥8,400 Release date: June 2001 Release type: normal Notes: 1st issue shiny and boggled, 2nd matte and boggled, 3rd shiny and not boggled; bendable arms and legs (Licca body) Stock: tank, pants, belt, boots, stand